Use Your Vehicle To Market Your Business?

Vinyl Wrapping has quickly taken the precedence over traditional paint jobs not only due to the fact it is ½ of the price, but also because of its customization ability.  With this customization ability comes marketing opportunities for businesses. Enter in the newest and most EFFECTIVE way to market your business.

How does vinyl wrapping guarantee a fool proof marketing strategy?  We called upon our friends at MidCoast Customs for some professional insight on this latest marketing trend. They provided us with crucial points that vinyl wrapping encompasses in the marketing world.

Marketing Benefits Of Vinyl Wraps

Endless Audience- Think about it..your audience is literally endless.  Anywhere you travel, from the grocery store down the street to San Diego to enjoy the beach, your vehicle is a rolling advertisement.

Placement- Probably the least aggressive way to advertise your business services.  Instead of forcing information on people you are placing your business in their view simply because you are out doing errands.

Mobile Advertisement- One thing we know for certain is that the mobile world is where it’s at.  It is proven that most web searches are done on mobile devices, because everyone is always on the go.  Well your vehicle with your business logo is right alongside all of these mobile people!

Cost Effective- Rather than paying advertisement fees every month, whether it be a billboard, other signage, radio spots etc. you own this advertisement completely and only pay for it once!

Local Market- No better way to target your local market than to be directly in front of them frequently!

While there are definitely a few more benefits to add to the list these are perhaps the top reasons why vinyl wrapping is so effective in the advertising market.  It is crucial that the vinyl wrapping professional you choose uses high quality material like those of 3M. MidCoast offred a few other tidbits to ensure a classy and effective design.  

  • Short & Simple- Everything truly great is short and simple.  This means state your name, logo and a brief idea of what your services entail.  Too much information gets lost especially when in passing
  • Be Bold- the point is to stand out in a way that grabs the eye.  Use bold colors and graphics
  • Details Are Key-  Make sure you take into account the body style of your vehicle(s). You want to ensure that the design and wording looks natural on your vehicle. You also want to make sure no hidden messages are unveiled when you open the door or where the graphics may fall.

Another great aspect of the vinyl wrap marketing approach is that it also adds extra protection to your company’s vehicles.  Vinyl wraps create a protective barrier for the original body of the car. Should you remove your wrap sometime down the road, your business vehicle will be better for the wear! Let’s also not forget about the actual idea of customization.  The fact that you can create the specific vision you have for your company fleet is probably one of the best perks of all.


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