New Garage & Single Garage Conversions

For the avid automobile lover, and those vehicle owners that just want to help protect their car from theft, break ins, and the weather elements (especially those in snowy winter climates) parking your car in your garage is the best bet.  In fact keeping your car in the garage will also help to keep it cooler or warmer depending on the weather outside.  But what happens if you don’t have a garage?  Or you have multiple cars and only a single car garage?   When people think of converting a single car garage into a space that can hold at least two cars they think of the expense.  Afterall, it sounds like somewhat of a big project!  Or what about building a garage to even just store a single car within?  That sounds like a big and expensive project as well!!  Is it worth it in the end?  And what about the rumor that while you think your garage is the safest place for your vehicle, it’s actually the space where your car is more likely to get dents and dings from excessive clutter, sports equipment, and other stored items that always seems to take over your garage space?  Well we decided to get some advice from a garage door/conversion specialist and have the low down on pricing of a conversion, pros and cons etc!  In fact Rusty from was able to give us some great insight and information on just what it takes to convert your carport or single car garage into a safe space to park and protect your car.  

      The first few things to consider when expanding you single car garage or converting a carport into a garage is:

  • You will need a conversion permit: $1000-$1500
  • Insulation: $1 per foot
  • Single wide door/double door
  • Reducing clutter
  • Reliable skilled professional to install/build out

These are just a few of the things to consider before getting your garage project started.  For example it is often more cost friendly to install a single door vs. two doors.  Yet two doors are often more convenient and easier access to both cars than a single wide door.  Also you want to understand and do some research on the type of garage door opener that you will be installing, especially if the one you have is already outdated.  In the early 90’s garage door openers opened by a string single code.  Eventually they found that hackers had a VERY easy time hacking into the garage door opening system and gaining entrance.  After 1993 however, the string of a single code was abandoned to allow for a sequence of different codes, making it virtually impossible for hackers to break in.  If your garage door opener is outdated it will need to be replaced as well.  Another factor to consider is to organize storage and equipment areas as best as possible.,  Most times people believe that parking their car in their garage will help to protect their cars exterior from paint damage, scratches, dings and dents.  While it definitely helps, garages can also be the place where most dents and dings occur.  Why is this?  Garage’s most often have a bunch of items, equipment, tools etc. being stored in them.  This can make for a tight space.  Make sure that when parking your car in your garage you have enough room to open your car doors, trunk and hood without the potential risk of hitting anything.  Also another suggestion that was made by Rusty, our garage door expert, is to hang a tennis ball on a string from the ceiling .  This will help you to park your car more accurately to avoid dings, dents, and damage.  When the tennis ball touches the middle of your windshield you will know that you have enough room in front and back as well as the sides to open your doors and remove other items.   

In general a garage conversion can be a bit on the expensive side but it can also offer a lot of protection for your vehicle and other household items if the conversion is done correctly and the clutter kept to a minimum.  Our suggestion to you is to make sure you research and plan your conversion correctly and use an experienced professional.  Clearing the clutter and organizing your garage may also lead to a little extra room as to keep your car safe from any damage!


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