Fun & Interesting Car Facts…Did you know…..?

There are many cool and interesting facts to be found about automobiles.  From little trinkets of information to some really interesting ones pertaining to the history of the automobile itself.  Being the car enthusiast I am I always love hearing or finding a new fact about cars that I did not previously know.  For a little fun to be had I have compiled a list of my favorite car facts that I have heard over the years. Some may be a bit silly but others are pretty interesting!

There are 1 billion cars that are in use on Earth as of today.  To add to that number there are 165,000 cars that are produced everyday!  To break it down a bit more the average car has a whopping 30,000 parts piecing it together!  75% of the cras that have been produced or manufactured by Rolls Royce are still driving on our roads today.  Now that’s quality!  Out of the new cars sold in Brazil 92% of them use ethanol as fuel which is made from sugar cane.  It is a criminal offense in Russia to drive around in a dirty car!  The Average American spends 38 hours a year stuck in traffic.  In 1891 the very first car accident ever occurred.  When the car radio was first invented and released to the public, some states wanted to ban them from cars fearing that they caused a distraction to the driver. Can you imagine long trips with no music!??? To make the “new car” air freshener smell 50 different disgusting organic compounds are used.  So what is it we are really inhaling?  Volkswagen owns a lot of the top high end luxury cars out there!  Including Bentley, Bugatti, Lamborghini, Audi, Ducati, and Porsche. In fact the fastest street legal car out there is a Bugatti Veyron Super Sport hitting top speeds of 267 mph.  Way to go Volkswagen!  The person who invented cruise control was actually blind and the car with the most amount of miles traveled ever recorded at a grand total of 2,850,000 on it’s speedometer.

In 1941 Henry Ford made a car out of soybeans, paving the way for sustainable cars?  Which an interesting fact is that in the 20th century horses were causing so much pollution with their poop that cars were actually viewed as the “green alternative”!  How crazy is that. For potential being the green alternative, maintaining a car on average every year costs a total of about $8,876!  However, in 2012 Nevada was the first state to give licenses to self driving cars.  

I could go on forever with all of the interesting facts I have gained on automobiles.  It’s kind of crazy to view the history of these fine machines through the years according to facts that can be found.  I’ll never get bored of finding and learning new facts or pieces of history about cars.  I hope you have all enjoyed these facts as much as I do.

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