How To Fix Hail Damage

There are many things out there that can damage our automobiles or cause scratches, dents, dings and knicks.  Most times these types of damages occur from a stray shopping cart hitting your car in the grocery store parking lot.  Or perhaps it is from the rude person who parked way to close to you and opened their door right into the side of your car.  Or still maybe it’s from a minor fender bender in the intersection near work or scratches from falling branches etc. However what most of us never think about is the damage that severe weather like hail storms can do to our car.  Infact there are probably more insurance claims for dent removal due to hail damage then you would ever really expect.  Hail in fact is one of the leading causes of dents and one cause that we unfortunately can’t guard ourselves against.  Afterall Mother Nature has a mind of her own and does what she pleases!

So what is to be done in the event you suffer dents and damage from a hail storm?  Does your insurance make you jump through loopholes to get it fixed, and how spendy of a process is dent removal when you can’t use a DIY hack?

First let’s start with the fact that there is traditional dent removal and then there is paintless dent removal. Our pick between the two is paintless dent removal.  Not only is it a fast growing alternative to traditional dent removal but it often is more affordable choice while also taking a fraction of the time.  You need to first find a reputable Paintless Dent Repair Company that will not only guarantee their work but also be proactive in having your insurance cover the small cost.

 How does paintless dent removal actually work?  First an foremost traditional dent repair doesn’t really remove the dent.  Basically when using a traditional dent removing method you will use a filler to make the vehicle appear dentless to the eye. Often this includes bodywork to your vehicle or paint.  We all know painting your car is not a cheap fix. On the other hand paintless dent removal utilizes special tools and equipment to send vibrations and pulses to the dent to help extract it.  There is no need for paint, sanding or body work to be done to your car.  The process takes between 1-4 days and all types of automobiles are welcome.  Meaning even if you have an old classic or a high end sports car, paintless dent removal is safe for any vehicle.  Another great thing about paintless dent removal methods is that it keeps the value of your car.  Remeber traditional methods don’t actually remove the dent so the value of your car will depreciate a bit.  Insurance companies also consider paintless dent removal as a viable technique and will often work directly with your choice of paintless dent removal companies to get the situation corrected.  More time than not there is often companies that can allow for a rental car to be covered with your insurance while your dents are being removed.  Thus not stranding you or making it inconvenient to get to and from work and all of life’s other destinations and errands.  Perhaps my favorite part about this whole dent removing technique is that it is environmentally safe.  Meaning there are no chemicals or additives used that can pollute the air and cause harm to our Earth.  If you were caught in a hail storm you will know it is better not to make Mother Nature upset and environmentally safe is the route to go!

The decision on which type of dent repair to utilize depends on the customer.  Our advice to you however, is explore both options before deciding which route to take.  But I’m sure all of us wouldn’t mind saving time, money and the environment with paintless dent removal.

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